Is your seatbelt too short?

We stock multi-fit seatbelt extenders which will add 25 cms to the length of your seatbelt ~ Ideal for bigger drivers, expecting mothers, the disabled, or to safely install your child’s safety or booster chairs.

Our seatbelt extenders meet safety regulations E4 / AS / 2595 / ISO 6683 J386 FMVSS.

There are several types of seatbelts currently in use, each one identified by the width and length of the seatbelt tongue plate. We stock several different types of seatbelt extenders which will fit 95% of all vehicles manufactured in the past 20 years.

To ensure we send you the correct extender please provide us the seatbelt model number of the actual seatbelt which you intend to use the extender. You can get this number from the small white tag at the base of the seatbelts strap

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