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Thousands of cars are failing compliance and w.o.f inspections for seatbelts everyday.

On average the life span of a seatbelt is around 8 ~ 10 years and as the drivers seat is the most used, its also the most at risk.

Car seatbelts are always being slammed in the door, chewed on by the family dog or even have design faults like reverse welds which irritate the seatbelt webbing.

“Seatbelt webbing must not be cut, ripped, torn, frayed, faded or stretched. The webbing must not have unusual web patterns, must not be deformed, curled, rippled or have otherwise deteriorated, must be structurally sound and free of corrosion, so as not to reduce the performance of the seatbelt”

We stock replacment seatbelts for all Japanese and European vehicles. Our pre-tensioner and webbing assembly seatbelts are all genuine factory products, ready for quick and safe installation.

We also stock New seatbelt extenders and 2 point Lap-belts which are e4 safety certified. The Extenders will add 25m to the length of your seatbelt and are perfect for Bigger drivers, Expecting mothers and also to keep our kids buckled up and safe. Prices includes GST, Express courier delivery, and 100% money back guarantee.

Note: All of our products meet safety regulations E4 / AS / 2595 / ISO 6683 J386 FMVSS.